The Cashmere Sale

The Pop-Up Powerhouse
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Pop Up. Sell. Hibernate. Repeat.

The Cashmere Sale, a returning client, is a seasonal women’s fashion pop-up that offers high-quality cashmere products. Centra Marketing was tasked with strategizing and deploying a robust digital marketing campaign for the 2021/2022 season.

Email Mockup - The Cashmere Sale Work


Growth Through Creativity

Deploy a creative strategy and campaign to drive growth in a highly competitive market. The campaign goals were to drive YoY revenue growth and increase brand awareness.



Our efforts marked the most successful seasonal sale in their entire history and paved the way for the company’s first-ever Spring product offering outside of their typical Fall/Winter seasonal sale.



34%Increase in Total Shopify Orders
$240Average Order Value
30%Increase in Returning Customer Rate
$2.5MIn Total E-Commerce Sales
Cashmere Sale Social Media


Email Marketing

Throughout the season, email marketing efforts were optimized through acquisition and retention strategies. Centra Marketing crafted campaign segmentation, catchy subject line and preview text copy, engaging content, and eye-catching product photography. This approach accomplished a major increase in campaign sales revenue, open rate, CTR, and overall subscriber growth.

Cashmere Sale Analytics


Paid Media Marketing

Centra Marketing utilized Google and Meta Advertising as primary acquisition channels for the campaign. The two worked hand in hand to bolster the company’s overall presence on digital media platforms.

Cashmere Sale Social Media Images


Social Media Marketing

The social media campaign centered around eye-catching product photography, enticing captions, and relatable content on Instagram and Facebook. Posts and stories showcased the product line, and fans engaged with the content to show their love and excitement. Centra Marketing cultivated a true community of cashmere lovers and brand fans eager to come back for the next season.