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Expertly Crafted Performance

For the fifth year running, Mobileye engaged Centra Marketing for complete design, execution, and management of the CES 2020 show.

A 4,800 square foot mega-exhibit is challenging enough, but to make it the center of CES attention with thousands of companies competing? That means throwing convention out the window. We went big, and the results were nothing short of spectacular.



Zero margin for error on the worlds largest stage.

More than 9 months of planning to execute for 4 days with absolute precision.



1,300sfLED curved video wall
6Meeting Rooms on a Double Deck
16Performances Every Day


Hundreds of attendees gathered for each live show held every thirty minutes.

Mobileye, a magnate for enthusiasts, investors, and automotive experts, delivered technology updates and announced new collaborations and partnerships.

Engagement is everything. If you were an attendee at CES 2020, you not only saw the Mobileye presence, it made you stop and want to engage. You can't ask for more.
- Mobileye Vice President, Marketing